Monthly Archives: February 2023

Vegan hair care brands: Sustainable ways to look after your hair

Looking for hair care brands when you’re vegan is actually a lot easier than you’d think, especially since there are so many different brands available now too. No matter what type of hair you have, chances are there will be a vegan brand that works for you and your hair.Affiliate disclaimer: Where possible I have […]

8 Eco friendly ways to save money when going green

If you’re on a budget or a student, that doesn’t mean you can’t be sustainable or eco friendly. Making any kind of eco conscious decision is a huge step, and some actually cost a lot less than you’d think overall. Affiliate disclaimer: Where possible I have added links to products to help you find them […]

Ways to live more Sustainably as a Student: Living eco-friendly in a shared house.

Trying to be more environmentally conscious while living with other people can be hard, regardless of if your situation is living at home with your family, an apartment with friends, or you’re at university. Affiliate disclaimer: Where possible I have added links to products to help you find them – they may be affiliate links […]

Sustainable Swaps I Regret Buying: Zero Waste Products You Don’t Actually Need

As much as I love the zero waste and sustainable living movement, there are a few things that have become popular that just shouldn’t have. One issue with living low waste is that many, if not all products are made to last a lifetime, but they will most likely live longer than us too.Affiliate disclaimer: […]

Vegan alternatives: The Best Vegan Substitutes When Going Plant Based

When starting out vegan, there are so many different things you have to find substitutes for, and some things you just simply forget isn’t vegan. Having a good idea what the best alternatives are for each food is always good, but some things have more than one kind of alternative and so it can get […]