Visiting the Lockwood and Co filming locations in London

Have you ever wondered what London would’ve looked like if there had been a ghost epidemic for 50 years? Well the story of Lockwood & Co is exactly that – a group of kids who battle ghosts throughout London to keep it safe.

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If you know me at all, you’ll know that I have become absolutely captivated by the Lockwood & Co show that came out on Netflix earlier this year, so it’s only about time that I wrote a guide on all the filming locations are. Along with the tv show there are 5 books in the series – it has also just been the 10th anniversary of the first book, The Screaming Staircase!

All the Lockwood and Co locations you have to visit

The tv show follows the plot of the first two books, The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull, so there are plenty of exciting locations that were used all over London to portray the show. Below I have listed all the landmark locations, if you can visit them, as well as a map and their closest tube stations to get there.

This guide does contain spoilers to the show, so do be aware if you have not finished watching it yet!

Please do remember that some of these locations are private buildings, such as Winkman’s Warehouse and 35 Portland Row. While it is very exciting to see these locations in real life, it’s important to be respectful and not to disturb the people that live/work at the locations.

St Pancras Station

During the first episode, when Lucy arrives in London, she’s first seen in a train station being spoken to by a woman offering her space in a centre before curfew. This station is no other than St Pancras, which of course connects part of the north to London, but you may also recognise it from the second Harry Potter movie!

Can you visit? Yes! St Pancras is an operating station so it’s always open
Where: St Pancras International Station, Euston Road
Closest tube station:
King’s Cross St. Pancras


Shortly after leaving the train station, Lucy sets on her way across London in search of finding some of the agencies she intends to try to work for. In a brief moment, Lucy can be seen looking through the window of Satchell’s – a store that sells ghost hunting equipment to agencies across London.

This Satchell’s is actually the storefront of the bookstore Waterstones in Piccadilly! You can just about see the electronic billboard ahead of Lucy as she walks away from the store. Not the most exciting location but definitely worth a stop-by if you’re in need of a new book!

Can you visit? Yes – the Waterstones is not only a fantastic bookshop, but the Piccadilly store is also the largest bookshop in Europe! It’s open 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday, and 12-6pm on Sundays.
Where: Waterstones, 203-206 Piccadilly, St. James’s
Closest tube station:
Piccadilly Circus

Fairfax Iron Tower

In episode 3, “Doubt Thou The Stars”, Lockwood and Co all head to the Fairfax Iron Tower in search of a job, little would they know that John Fairfax would supply the job himself.

The building used for the Fairfax Iron tower is in fact part of the Tate Modern – the Blavatnik building to be exact. You can visit the Tate for free, but for a good view of the tower exterior then you can head around to the Turbine Entrance without having to go into the art gallery.

Can you visit? Yes, but you don’t need to enter the Tate Modern for views of the tower
Where: Tate Modern Blavatnik Building, Hopton Street
Closest tube station:
Blackfriars, Southwark, or London Bridge

Winkman’s Warehouse

When we get into the second half of the season, one of the locations that Lockwood and Lucy find themselves is Winkman’s Warehouse – looking for the Bone glass during episode 5, “Death is Coming”.

The building used for Winkman’s is actually just a 10 minute walk or so from the Tate Modern, so you can easily pop over for a quick look.

Can you visit? Yes and no, the building on the left is actually owned by R. K. Burt & Co, which is a paper supply company and art gallery. But the building on the right is a cafe called the The Gentlemen Baristas Borough which you can visit if you’d like to stop for a tea or coffee.
Where: 57-63 Union St
Closest tube station:
Borough or London Bridge

35 Portland Row, Anthony Lockwood’s House

Of course, the most exciting location of them all, is 35 Portland Row. Lockwood’s childhood home is also the headquarters to Lockwood and Co., as well as home to Lucy and George. Lockwood’s house is probably one of my favourite locations, but also because of the 19th century architecture!

While the real house is a private building, you can still go and visit Claremont Square where some of the scenes were filmed – if you’re a Harry Potter fan, make sure you look around to find 23-29 Claremont Square, as this was where they filmed Grimmauld Place!

Can you visit? The house itself is private property so you cannot go inside, but you can have a wander around the square and get a feel of what it would be like to be apart of the agency!
Where: 33 Claremont Square, Islington
Closest tube station:

Fittes House

Probably my favourite location I’ve visited from the show is the Barbican Centre, which is actually Fittes House and home to two important scenes in the show!

Both of the scenes will probably be instantly recognisable – The first scene is when Lucy first arrives in London during epsiode 1 while hunting for jobs. Of course one of her first stops is Fittes, which is not only filmed outside of Defoe House, but also inside when she’s trying to get an interview.

The second scene is from episode 6, when Lockwood and Lucy are invited to the unforgettable Fittes at Fifty Ball. The Barbican Centre is unmistakably one of the best filming locations used for the show, as the entire building gives off immense dystopian and retro yet postmodern vibes with the dozen funky staircases, the concrete pillars, and eerie lighted halls.

To find the outside of Defoe House if you arrive via Barbican tube station, head through Lauderdale Place and up the stairs that are signed Shakespeare tower and then follow the signs for the Barbican Centre.

Can you visit? Yes! The Barbican is definitely a place to explore, especially with their art gallery, gift shop, and the iconic Barbican Conservatory
Where: Defoe House, Barbican
Closest tube station:

Hyde Park – Tyburn Gallows

Towards the end of episode 2 we find Lockwood and Lucy in a cab after Lucy is taken to DEPRAC headquarters to talk about Hugo Blake, Lucy exits the cab and tells Lockwood that she’s quitting. Although the location isn’t the most exciting, the scene itself is one of the most important ones in the show I think.

One of my favourite things about this scene was that it’s filmed at Hyde Park, and Lockwood mentions to Lucy that they’re close to Tyburn Gallows which is “one of the most haunted parts of London” according to Lockwood.

Tyburn Gallows is actually on the north east corner of Hyde Park by Marble Arch, and was one of the public execution sites in London from the 12th to 18th century. The Tyburn Tree was a type of gallow that had three crossbeams and so was triangular – which meant that up to 24 people could be executed by hanging at once.

Taking all this into account, it’s clear as to why Lockwood says it’s so haunted and can see multiple visitors when there is so much history of death in the area. If you head up to the north east corner then you should be able to find a floor plaque marking the site of the Tyburn Tree on a traffic island just across from the park.

Can you visit? Yes! This location is in Hyde Park so it’s open to all public.
Where: South Carriage Drive, South East corner of Hyde Park
Closest tube station:
Hyde Park Corner

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The British Archives

During many episodes, while probably best seen in episode 2 when the trio are researching Hugo Blake, the SOAS library stands in for the British Archives – both inside and outside, and we see George frequently visit here throughout the season.

Can you visit? While you cannot enter the library, I believe you can walk outside it – which is also filmed in some scenes!
Where: SOAS University of London Library, 23 Thornhaugh Street
Closest tube station:
Russell Square or Goodge Street

Kensal Green Cemetery

From episode 4 onwards we see a lot of Kensal Green Cemetery as this is where the trio first come into contact with Bickerstaff and the Bone glass. We’re introduced to the cemetery after Lucy recovers from her first conversation with The Skull and the trio are requested on a case to work with “professional gravediggers” Saunders and Joplin.

Not only is the cemetery used for filming, but you’ll instantly recognise the Anglican Chapel temple that stands in the middle of the cemetery.

Can you visit? Yes, the cemetery is open to the public from 9am-5pm everyday.
Where: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road – 1 mile north of Portobello Road
Closest tube station:
Kensal Green

Old Pier at Crowleys Wharf Power Station

Many of the scenes that were filmed by the river Thames, including scenes where we meet Flo Bones for the first time, are mainly filmed over at Crowleys Warf in Greenwich.

Can you visit? Yes
Where: Old Pier, Crowleys Wharf, Greenwich
Closest tube station:
Cutty Sark (Light rail station)

New Scotland Yard

One of the really obscure looking buildings that I think fits the show so well is the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, which stands in for the New Scotland Yard building – aka the headquarters for DEPRAC.

We see the QEII a few times towards the end of the show, but you get the best view of the building towards the end of episode 7 when George takes the Bone glass to DEPRAC to be destroyed (spoiler alert: before George decides to head back to Kensal Green Cemetery to meet with Joplin)

Can you visit? Yes – none of the scenes are filmed inside, so just an outside view will do!
Where: Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Broad Sanctuary
Closest tube station:

Locations outside of London

Now of course there are a few locations outside of London that were included in the show, so I thought I would include these too!

Bickerstaff Mansion

Although sadly not open to the public, the building used for Bickerstaff’s mansion is in fact apart of the Imperial College London rural campus near Ascot in Berkshire. Manor House of Silwood Park is the beautiful building we see that takes the spot of Bickerstaff’s Mansion and I couldn’t think of a better location!

Can you visit? No, the university campus is not open to the public sadly
Where: Manor House, Silwood Park, Imperial College London, Ascot SL5 7PY

Lucy’s village and Jacobs & Co

At the beginning of the show in the first episode we are introduced to Lucy’s backstory and hometown, including her friends and employer – Jacobs and Co. Although Lucy herself is quite northern, the village used is actually the market town of Chipping Campton in Gloucestershire.

There are two parts of the village that are actually used in the show. The first one is actually the Market Square carpark outside the Town Hall that is used in the scenes when we see the Monument – particularly when Lucy gets her Grade 3 certifications, and then later when new plaques are being added after the Moorgate Mill incident.

The second scene is also after the Moorgate Mill incident, which is when Lucy is at court against Jacobs about the incident – This is filmed at the Old Police Station’s historical courtroom.

Can you visit? Yes! This cute little village is worth a visit if you’re in the Cotswolds
Where: Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

Biddlesham train station

During episode 3 when the trio take the train to Combe Carey Hall they arrive at Biddlesham station, which is actually a fictional town. The station that they filmed at for the show is actually at North Weald station in Essex, which is definitely outside London (unlike Sidcup)!

Can you visit? Yes. This is a working train station so you can pop by, or even take the train!
Where: North Weald station, Epping, Essex

Combe Carey Hall

In episode 3 when the trio make the deal with John Fairfax, they of course go to Combe Carey Hall! While sadly the hall is of course fictional, but the on location set was filmed at Mentor Towers in Buckinghamshire – which you may recognise if you’re a Batman fan, as it also served as interior and exterior shots in Batman Begins (2005).

As beautiful as the building is, it currently sits derelict and in disrepair, and that is part of the reason why the building looks dilapidated in the show. While I would love to say that you can visit the mansion, it is not property is not open to the public.

Can you visit? No
Where: Mentmore Towers, Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire

That’s all the locations, let me know if I missed any that are worth mentioning! I hope you found this guide helpful and you have fun ghost hunting on your next trip to London!

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