Vegan hair care brands: Sustainable ways to look after your hair

Looking for hair care brands when you’re vegan is actually a lot easier than you’d think, especially since there are so many different brands available now too. No matter what type of hair you have, chances are there will be a vegan brand that works for you and your hair.

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Trying to decide what hair care brand to go for doesn’t need to feel overwhelming, sometimes it just takes to getting to know what kind of hair type you have, what price range you set, and what kind of packaging you want too (either in a bottle or as a concentrated bar).

Why should you choose a vegan hair care brand?

Even if you’re not vegan or plan to stop eating meat, choosing a vegan brand of hair care products is a small but valuable step towards being more sustainable and helping the planet.

A lot of the time, vegan brands are more thoughtful and conscious about what their ingredients are and where they come from, as well as what they’re packaged in too. If they aren’t a plastic free brand then they’re probably more likely to use recycled materials in their packaging, but if they are then they’re packing is most likely just paper or cardboard, which might still be made from recycled materials!

As well as being vegan, many of the brands I mention below are cruelty free. Being cruelty free too means that on top of not using animal products, they don’t test their products or ingredients on animals or use other companies that do either. Using cruelty free products is equally as important as vegan products, because it means that the demand for testing on animals is reduced, and will help save many animals from suffering.

If you’re interested in learning more about cruelty free brands, check out my post on cruelty free skincare brands, which includes a handful of other companies.


Probably my favourite haircare brand, and all of their products come plastic free too! If you’re looking to switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, I couldn’t recommend Ethique enough. They have an endless range of haircare bars for every different kind of hair type, including curly hair and a purple conditioner bar for blonde hair! No matter what kind of hair you have, whether it’s dry, oily, fine, or thick hair, they’ll have a bar designed for it.

They also do a range of shampoo and conditioner concentrates if you prefer liquid haircare items – you just need to add water to the powder and then fill up your old plastic bottle, and then use at normal! If you’re not sure where to start with when it comes to bars, they do a range of mini bars for a fraction of the price too.


Foamie is another shampoo bar brand that’s been around for a while now. They do a handful of different shampoo and conditioner bars that are designed for different hair types, as well as a dry shampoo for brunette and blonde hair.

All of their bars are vegan and cruelty free, and they’re plastic free – including their hanging cord which is made from cotton!

If you’re interested in learning about shampoo bars, make sure you check out my guide on how to use and store shampoo bars!

Green people

If you’re more into liquid haircare products, then make sure you check out Green People. They do an amazing range of vegan shampoo and conditioner, all of which are clearly labelled on their website (some of their products contain beeswax, so make sure you check).

They’re a completely cruelty free brand, so none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals, and they’re also organic too! Make sure you check out their Aloe Shampoo if you have normal hair, or their Moisturising Shampoo if you have frizzy hair.


Probably one of the brands who helped start the influence of shampoo bars is Lush, and they have so so many to choose from. Although not all of their products are vegan (some contain honey), they are all clearly marked and easy to navigate. I also really like Lush as it’s a worldwide brand, so no matter where you are, you should be able to find a store!

They don’t just do solid haircare bars either. Lush also has a range of liquid shampoo and conditioners, as well a hair treatments, dry shampoo, and styling cream.

Umberto Giannini

If you have curly or frizzy hair, or you use the Curly Girl Method on your hair, then you should check out Umberto Giannini. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free, as well as being a certified B corp brand too.

They have all sorts of different products to help you look after your curls, including their Curl Jelly and Curl Repair shampoo and conditioner. They also make loads of different hair care products for straight hair too, from adding volume to your hair or using a charcoal shampoo for a detox.


Another great plastic free haircare brand is EarthKind. They have a handful of different shampoo and conditioner bars available, as well as bundles of shampoo or conditioner bars, or a mix of both!

Make sure you check out their Tea Tree and Eucalyptus bar for keeping your scalp healthy, or their Bergamot and Sage bar if your hair is dry or coloured.

Faith in Nature

If you’re looking for a brand that sells in both bar and bottle form, then Faith in Nature is where you wanna look. They do a huge range of different hair care products (as well as body washes and laundry liquids), and each product comes in loads of different sizes too! As well as their bar forms, you can get shampoo and conditioner in bottles of 400ml, or even refill size bottles of 5L – which is great for either saving money in the long run, or you own a zero waste shop.

Faith in Nature has about a dozen different scents, my favourites being the Dragon Fruit shampoo bar and the Blueberry conditioner.


If you like to buy your shampoo and conditioner in larger bottles then you should check out EightTripleEight. They’re completely vegan and cruelty free, so you don’t need to worry about checking the labels on their bottles, and they have a huge range of different types to check out too.

I really like their Caffeine Shampoo, as well as their Tea Tree Oil Conditioner. Their packaging isn’t my favourite as all their bottles come with pumps, which are really hard to recycle due to the different materials used. Hopefully they will release a refill bottle or scheme in the future!


Another great brand to check out if you’re someone with frizzy or curly hair is Noughty – who is also completely cruelty free as well as being vegan. They do a wide range of curl boosting shampoos and conditioners, including a Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, Curl Defining Shampoo, and a Conditioning and Detangling Spray.

Superdrug – Own Brand

If you live in the UK then you’ll know Superdrug straight away, but did you know their own brand products are all vegan? They have a huge different range of hair care items available, including their Purple shampoo and conditioner, which is great for neutralising any brassy tones if you have blonde or bleached hair.

by Humankind

Although they currently only ship within the US, I’ve heard a lot about by Humankind over the past couple of years, so if you’re in the US then you should definitely check them out!

Not only do they make shampoo and conditioner bars, but they also make liquid versions too. Their bottles of shampoo and conditioner are packaged in recyclable aluminium bottles and you just save the pump from your first bottle for your next order. They do a range of different scents including grapefruit, lavender, and eucalyptus.

These are just a few different vegan hair care brands out there, but I hope they gave you some inspiration to start! Did I miss out on your favourite brand? Let me know!

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