Low waste gift wrap alternatives: How to be eco friendly when gift giving

When the festive season comes around each year, it can sometimes be easy to be whisked away into a buying spree of cheap and easy wrapping solutions for the gifts you plan on giving. Believe it or not, it’s actually super easy and cheaper to use items you already have as gift wrap! Unfortunately, which […]

Eco friendly back to school supplies: The ultimate guide to zero waste and sustainable stationery

When it comes to the beginning of the school year every store is filled with disposable and plastic-packaged essentials. It can be a lot easier than you think to make more eco friendly and sustainable choices, sometimes you just need to know where to look. Buying eco friendly school supplies is becoming much more popular, […]

Eco friendly sunscreen: A guide to sustainable and reef safe sunscreens

When it comes to sunscreen, finding an eco friendly option is not only better for the environment, but it’s better for your health too. Many popular sun creams often contains chemicals in them which contribute to coral bleaching and can damage the DNA of the corals and fish in the ocean. Sunscreen is something that […]

Visiting Hogsmeade Station from Harry Potter – Goathland UK

Although you may not recognise its real name, you can actually go visit the filming location for Hogsmeade Station from the Harry Potter films, which is located in Goathland, North Yorkshire. Growing up watching and reading Harry Potter, I’ve always loved trying to find the locations they used for the films, even though I often […]

Eco friendly deodorants: Natural deodorant brands to check out

When it comes to eco friendly alternatives, deodorant can be one thing that’s often forgotten about or as something people don’t want to switch for health reasons. Believe it or not, more environmentally friendly deodorants are becoming available and are a lot better for the planet as well as your body. Like many things about […]

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products: Sustainable brands to clean your home

When it comes to cleaning your home, sometimes you forget just how toxic and synthetic material based many of the common products are. Whenever you’re in a supermarket and you look at all the different cleaning supplies, majority of the items will be packaged or made with plastic! Although sometimes it can feel impossible to […]

Vegan hair care brands: Sustainable ways to look after your hair

Looking for hair care brands when you’re vegan is actually a lot easier than you’d think, especially since there are so many different brands available now too. No matter what type of hair you have, chances are there will be a vegan brand that works for you and your hair. Trying to decide what hair […]