Vegan Valentines Gifts: Cruelty-Free Ideas For Valentines Day

When it comes to Valentines Day, it can sometime be a little tricky to find something that’s vegan to gift your significant other – even if just one of you are vegan or you both are. There are so many different options available and finding something to suit them is actually a lot easier than you’d think.

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Some people love Valentines and some people don’t really care for it, and that’s perfectly okay! You might even be one of those people that are opposed to the idea of it because really it’s just another consumerism ploy – I feel you. Regardless on what you decide to do, making thought out and conscious decisions is always a good start!

Valentines gifts for Vegans – some ideas to consider

When it comes to gifting, it can be hard to know where to look, especially if you’re trying to be conscious about your purchases too. Here I’ve made a list of a few different ideas that you could gift someone this Valentines Day (even if they aren’t vegan themselves), and should fit everyone regardless of gender too!

Remember that it’s totally fine to ask if they need anything in terms of gifts – just because it’s Valentines doesn’t mean it has to be a surprise! Sometimes it’s nicer to receive something you actually need or want, than to get things that are disposable or you’d end up throwing away in a few months.


If you’re looking to gift some sort of perfume or ‘smellies’ then there are a few different options to look into.

If you’re after a spray perfume, I’d recommend checking out Eden Perfumes. They do a huge range of different scents which are all cruelty-free and vegan, and many of the scents are created to smell like designer brands. You can search for specific scents or if you’re after one for men, women or unisex. Their bottles are also refillable, so once you’re out you can send it back to be topped up again!

You can also get solid perfumes from Lush, who do about a dozen different scents – many of which are unisex scents too. They’re around £10 for a small jar which is perfect for travelling, or you can also get the scents in spray bottles too. You can order these online, or they also have them in-store if you’d prefer to smell before you buy.

Other brands include to look out for are: UpCircle, Abbey Perfumery, Dolma, and Ffern – which release a new limited edition scent for each season, so make sure you get on the waiting list for this one!

Chocolate boxes

Let’s be real, everyone loves getting free chocolate no matter the occasion (unless you’re weird and don’t like chocolate), and it’s actually a lot easier to find vegan chocolate selection boxes these days too.

If you’re looking to shop independent, one of my favourite stores is TruPig Vegan. They do a great range of vegan chocolate bars as well as vegan toblerone and vegan sea shells too! They do restocks on Fridays, so make sure you sign up to their newsletter and you’re ready to order before they sell out!

Other great chocolate brand is LoveRaw – which you can also get in supermarkets these days as well as online. You can now buy selection boxes of their different chocolate bars, including their cre&m wafer bars (vegan kinder buenos!), peanut butter cups and nutty choc balls (which are like vegan ferrero rocher).

If you’re after a chocolate selection box tin, have a look for the Vegan Tin-Tations from Whitakers. This is basically a selection box similar to a Roses or Quality Street box as they have different flavoured chocolate creams, chocolate crisps and chocolate toffee too. They cost roughly £20 with 80 pieces per tin!

You could also check out Hotel Chocolat, which has loads of different vegan chocolate boxes, as well as hot chocolate sachets for their Velvetiser. Or even Elizabeth Shaw who’s Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps are vegan too!


If your significant other is super into candles, then why not try and find a super cosy vegan one? You can get so many these days (I recommend checking out Etsy), especially ones that are tailored to pop culture with their scents. You can try and look out for specific vegan candle brands, or most soy wax candles tend to be vegan – plus most sites say so too!

I really like the idea of candle refills, where you keep the container and just buy a new candle to fit inside it. Pott sells handmade pots for both their candles and matches, along with a handful of scents to mix and match from.

If you’re a bit more on the crafty side, you could also always try and make your own too! You could either get yourself a candle making kit, or you could make some with old candle wax from your own candles – you can check out my post on how to recycle candles if you’re interested.

Homemade baked goods

Who doesn’t love getting gifted fresh baked goods!? If you’re into baking, why not find out what their favourite treats are and bake them – there are plenty of vegan recipes around now that you can make pretty much anything you like!

Alternatively if they’re the one who’s the baker, you could always make them their own baking kits! You could look for a cute jar (or see if you already own one!), fill it up with the dry ingredients, and then write down how to make them and what wet ingredients it requires too.


One thing you could do for Valentines is to schedule in some self care time with your partner – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or a spa day out, just sat at home watching tv and doing face masks works too!

UpCircle is one of my favourite skincare brands, and they have a huge range of products that can be used everyday – like their moisturiser and night cream, or once in a while like their face mask and scrubs.

Bulldog is great to check out, especially if you or your partner has a beard/facial hair as they have loads of beard products available. They have loads of different moisturisers depending on your skin type, as well as face scrubs and hand cream.

The Ordinary is another completely vegan brand to look into – they do lots of different cleansers as well as exfoliating solutions and Hyaluronic Acid serums.

I have another post full of loads of other vegan skincare brands, so make sure to check that out too if you want more options!


If you’re looking for clothing ideas as gifts, there are loads of different vegan brands around now to look out for.

My two favourites are Lucy and Yak – which make loads of comfy hoodies and dungarees (overalls), and Rapanui – which sells everything from tops and raincoats to jumpers and surf towels. Both brands are circular as well which means you can send or bring back old items to be remade into new products.

Movie night in – bake treats or buy sweets

If you’re in the kind of relationship where nothing quite beats having a movie night together, then why not spruce it up a little? Not so much of a “gift” or anything bought as such, but you could maybe spend the day/evening together baking some treats to have during your movie.

I love making cookies or brownies so these could be a great shout, or you could come up with something you both like and make a competition to see who can bake or decorate them the best!

Cook a meal

Similar to the movie night idea – especially if you both tend to be introverted or don’t tend to go out for meals often, spending the evening together to cook up a meal is a great way to spend time together. Although not necessarily a vegan thing, you can obviously tweak it to your own dietary needs if needed to.

Obviously you don’t need to go too fancy if you don’t want to, but you could always light some candles and get a bottle of wine if you feel like it!

These are just a few simple ideas for Valentines – or even a date night or an anniversary! Hopefully they gave you some inspiration whatever the occasion. What’s your favourite gift you received for Valentines?

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